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PerYourHealth is an online portal that can help you pay your medical bills through an online portal. You can use the portal for paying bills at most of the hospitals, and the URL to the official site is The site has modernized the way that you make the payment. With the help of PerYourHealth, you not only reduce the time required to make the payment, but it also helps you get rid of manual work like standing in a queue and getting things done. The portal also makes the bill payment process efficient and eliminates the chances of making an error.

PerYourHealth portal doesn’t charge you any commission or fee for making the payment. In addition, it brings comfort to you. Currently, large numbers of hospitals have started integrating their services with PerYourHealth, and they recommend customers use PerYourHealth Portal for their bill payments.

Here is a detailed knowledge document about PerYourHealth, and we have also listed all the features & procedures associated with the portal. Go ahead and check out the details in the sections below.

What is PerYourHealth?

PerYourHealth is a billing portal accepted by hospitals and medical centers across the United States. Once the Hospital generates the bill, it is synced up on PerYourHealth. Users can then use the PerYourHealth portal to pay these bills online. The portal also supports multiple payment methods. Because of the ease of usage, PerYourHealth is the top choice for making payments. It also saves your billing history for a year so that you can refer to the old bills without needing your paperwork.

How Can I Use PerYourHealth?

PerYourHealth is a universal platform for making bill payments at the hospital. The platform offers value-added services like the ability to check the statement and maintain historical data. There are several other features of the portal which provide a good customer experience to anyone dealing with medical trouble. The platform also allows you to schedule your bill as per your requirements.

You can make the bill payment after registering for the platform or even pay the bill without registering. However, to unleash the platform’s full potential, we recommend using PerYourHealth after registration.

What Are the Benefits of Using PerYourHealth?

Some of the benefits of using the PerYourHealth portal are listed below.

  • You can pay the bills from anywhere in the world, adding a lot of flexibility.
  • PerYourHealth is available 24×7, and it also has working customer service.
  • The servers are encrypted, and your data privacy is the top priority.
  • You can check historical bills, and you can also enable notifications for the bills.
  • It is possible to make part payments or full payments using PerYourHealth.

What Is The Requirement For Paying Through PerYourHealth?

PerYourHealth is designed keeping in mind that many users will be from the elderly population. In such a case, the workflows are straightforward, and the interface is designed so that you can follow the steps without any trouble. Let us share a high-level workflow and requirements with you for using PerYourHealth.

  • You need a working computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop to use the PerYourHealth portal.
  • You need to be connected to the internet on the device that you intend to use.
  • You should have the patient statement for checking the registered ID.
  • You should have a credit card, debit card, or net banking to make the payment.
  • You should be able to validate your identity to pay the bills.

How Can I Register on

To avail of any services from PerYourHealth, you need to register yourself on the portal. If you are not willing to register, you need to have the hospital bill. Also, make sure that the hospital accepts PerYourHealth as a payment method.

  • Visit the Portal – To pay your bills online, you should have access to a computer with a working internet connection. To proceed, you can open any browser and visit
  • Enter Billing Account Number – You will see a welcome page, and on the page, you will be asked to enter the registered user ID or the account number from the billing statement. So, you can add the account number to the billing statement.
  • Verify Details – Click on the continue button, and you can now verify your details. If you don’t see your bill, then you can also contact the hospital and check about the payments through Per Your Health official. If you see your bills, click on the registered user ID and click on the continue button again. If there is a warning message, you have entered the wrong ID.
  • Bill Payment – Now, you need to select the mode of payment supported by PerYourHealth. You can use different options and initiate the payment. After the payment is made, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt & an email as well. This concludes the payment of hospital bills using PerYourHealth com payment system.

What Do I Need To log in to PerYourHealth?

Now you would have created the registered ID on PerYourHealth. The next important step of the process is to log in to the portal. Let us now look at what you would need to log in to PerYourHealth. It is the same as what you need for registration. Here are more details about the same.

  • The URL of the portal:
  • Working computer, smartphone, or a device
  • Internet connection
  • Internet browser
  • Your register User ID and Password.

Detailed Steps for Logging in & Paying Bill on PerYourHealth

Once you have all of these things, you can log in to the PerYourHealth portal. In this page section, we have shared detailed steps to log in to the portal.

  • Once again, visit
  • You should see a welcome message on the screen. Click on the login button in the top right corner.
  • Enter your registered user ID or account number from the billing statement.
  • The account number is usually available on the billing statement shared by the hospital.
  • You should see the bills available on the dashboard, and you can then use the portal to make the payment.
  • Click on the bill you would like to pay, and you will see more information about the bill.
  • Now, enter the amount you would like to pay and choose the payment method. Please enter your card details and process the payment in the next step.
  • Once the payment is made, you can download the receipt and save it for future reference.

If you face any issues during login or don’t know the account ID, you can contact your hospital. You can alternatively reach out to PerYourHealth customer support for more help.

Can I Make Payments Through The SmartPhone?

Yes, PerYourHealth allows you to use the smartphone as well. Most people are dependent only on a smartphone these days and hardly use any other device. So, the interface of the PerYourHealth is developed so that you can use a smartphone to make the payment. Below are the steps to pay your medical bills using PerYourHealth on a smartphone and a regular phone.

  • The first option is opening PerYourHealth on your smartphone and then making the payment from the website directly. If you don’t want to follow this procedure, then an alternative option is available, and below are the details.
  • To begin using the portal, call 888 442 8447 and share your account number. You will have to key in your mobile number using the keypad on the mobile.
  • In the next step, you would need to select your payment option. Once selected, you will have to key in your card details and authorize the transaction.
  • With this, the payment will be complete, and you will receive an SMS confirmation.

Steps To Troubleshoot

Sometimes, you may face some minor issues with the PerYourHealth portal. If you are facing some problems, follow the steps shared below for troubleshooting.

  • Check Internet Connection – Check the connection first and ensure that the connectivity is there. You can also try opening any other site to confirm the internet connection. If the internet connection is not available, then you know the issue.
  • Refresh Browser – You might even have to refresh the browser. If the internet connection is present, refreshing the browser can help you immediately sort the issue out. You can also clear the browser cache and open a new session.
  • Firewall & Anti-Virus – If the browser and internet connection doesn’t seem to be an issue, check if the firewall or anti-virus is blocking the website. This could be a false positive. In such a case, disable your firewall or anti-virus for a few minutes and access the site.
  • DNS System – In some cases, the DNS may prevent you from opening the site. The DNS is responsible for translating the website to the IP address and transmitting it to ISP. If you think this is the issue, then you must contact the ISP, and they will help you out.

I Forgot My User-ID; what Can I Do?

There are times when you may forget your user ID for an account. It is possible while accessing Per Your Health as well. If you have lost the user ID, please follow the steps listed below to retrieve it.

  • Forgot User ID – Visit the website and scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page, click on Forgot Your Registered User Id.
  • Enter Account Number – In the next step, enter your account number as mentioned on your hospital bill. You will be asked to verify some of the information.
  • User Id Recover – Once the details have been verified, the user ID will be recovered. If in case, your account number is wrong, you will get a warning message. If you don’t have the account number, you can reach out to the hospital and get the details.

How Can I Recover My Password?

We have so many passwords to remember that it is very natural to forget the password of one or the other account. If you forgot the PerYourHealth portal password, we could tell you how you can reset the password. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to do that.

  • You must visit the official website of PerYourHealth and click on the link for forgot registered id.
  • Once that is done, please input the account number from the invoice billing statement and move to the next step.
  • You will get an email on your registered email ID that will allow you to reset your password.

How Can I Contact PerYourHealth?

Usually, the workflow on PerYourHealth to pay your bills is seamless. However, if you encounter any issues, you can contact their customer service. The customer service team can help you resolve the issue and give you the proper solution. The advantage of using PerYourHealth is that they have good customer service. If you have a billing problem, you can reach out to your medical representative or the hospital. In addition, below are the contact details for PerYourHealth Customer Service.

  • Phone No – 855 853 7242
  • Address – 7234 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK – 74136, United States
  • Link To Recover Password –
  • Issues Related to Account Access – 612 672 6724 Or 1 888 702 4073
  • Toll-Free Number – 1 888 702 4073
  • Official Site –

Frequently Asked Questions About PerYourHealth


Is it safe to use PerYourHealth?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use PerYourHealth. You can check out more information about the portal by visiting The portal also has customer care and a physical office address to assure you about the reliability of PerYourHealth.

Can I Make Payments Through Smartphone?

Yes, you can make the payment through a smartphone and even make the payment without a smartphone. The information has been shared in the section above.

Can I Make Payments Through Smartphone?

Yes, you can make the payment through a smartphone and even make the payment without a smartphone. The information has been shared in the section above.

Can Someone Else Pay My Bill?

You can give access to someone else for your account, and they can pay the bill. This should be done at your own risk, as we don’t recommend sharing any information.

Where is my information saved?

If you have registered on Per Your Health . com, then your information will be saved on encrypted databased within the geographical limits. The portal takes care of the data privacy act, and all the payments are also processed using secure servers. No financial information is stored with as per the compliance information.

How can I reach out to PerYourHealth Customer Care?

You can dial 844 853 7242 to reach out to Per Your Health Customer Care. They are very proactive, and they will help you as much as possible.

Is there a physical address for PerYourHealth?

Yes, also has a physical address. The office is located at 7234 S. Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74136.

What do I need to make the payment online?

To make the payments using Per Your Health, you need to register on the portal first. If you are already a registered user, you can log in to the portal and initiate the payment. If you want to make the payments without registering on the portal, you would need your billing account ID & the access Key from the bill.

I Forgot My Password. Help Me Recover It?

There is a way to recover the password, and we have shared the detailed process in one of the sections above.

Can I Recover my Lost Username?

You can recover the user name using the account ID on your billing invoice. We have shared the details about the same in the sections above.

Is PerYourHealth a Scam?

PerYourHealth is a genuine website, and it is NOT a scam. The website helps you pay the bills online, and it has been verified by many parties. The transactions processed are also via secure servers.

Is peryourhealth legitimate ?


Final Words

This was all the possible information about PerYourHealth. We hope the article has helped you find the information you needed. We can assure you that the portal is reliable and it works seamlessly. The customer service team is also very proactive, so you will never face any issues with them. For any more questions or queries, you can leave a comment or contact PerYourHealth directly.

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