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ePayItOnline : We all hate to stand in queues, which is especially true when you have to stand in a queue to clear your medical bills. Don’t we wish it was easier to make the medical bill payment? ePayItOnline is the answer to your problems, and it works seamlessly when you have to make a payment. We also get a lot of queries from the users who would like to know about the reliability & safety associated with ePayItOnline. We thought of answering all the questions about this indigenous platform today. So, move on to the sections below and learn more about ePayItOnline.

What is ePayItOnline?

To begin with, ePayItOnline is the online portal that is used for medical bill payments. The portal has integration with the hospital networks, and it can fetch the user bills online. The services offered by this portal are free, and it acts just as an interface for the patients. We mean to say here that there is no additional fee for paying the medical bills using ePayItOnline. If you visit any hospital that uses ePayItOnline, you will notice that the staff at the hospital encourages you to use ePayItOnline. Since the portal makes things easy for the patients and the staff, it has become the most preferred medical bill payment portal for users.

Why Use ePayItOnline?

We all need tools that can make things easy for us, and ePayItOnline is one such portal that makes things very easy for you when you have to pay medical bills. The portal is designed with senior citizens in mind, and the application’s workflow is also straightforward. You can register on the website or make the payments even without registering. There are undoubtedly many benefits of registering on the portal, but it is totally up to the user.

Data Media Association developed this application; they are known for their reliable IT solutions. They have many other payment portals which work seamlessly. The portal is efficient and accurate, and the solutions are 100% safe. Some of the benefits of using ePayItOnline are –

  • Bills payments are made easy with the help of ePayItOnline.
  • If you are a registered user, you will be able to maintain a record of all the payment history.
  • You can change your details, payout option, or update the information anytime required.
  • The portal supports multiple payment modes.
  • ePayItOnline is 100% safe, and their customer service is also prompt.

How To Use ePayItOnline For medical Bill Payments?

To use the ePayItOnline, you can register on the portal or use it directly. We have shared the stepwise instructions below so that you can use ePayItOnline.

  • You can use any computer, mobile, or tablet with the internet and open ePayItOnline.com from any browser.

  • Enter the Code ID and the Access#. This information should be on your statement.
  • Submit the details, and you will be routed to the dashboard.
  • Please select the bill from the dashboard and proceed with the payment
  • in the next step.
  • You can make the payment through any available mode like net banking, credit card, or debit card.

How Can I Contact ePayItOnline Customer Care?


EPayItOnline doesn’t have customer care as it is directly interfaced with the hospital. You can reach out to the hospital for any query in such a case. The hospital can help you with any information that you need.

What If the Payment is Stuck?

The payments would usually not be stuck on the system, but if there is an issue with the bill payment, the ePayItOnline will refund the amount within five working days. This usually depends on the settlement cycle and the verification. In case you have a complaint about the refund, you can reach out to Data Media Inc at PO Box No. 2305 Alpharetta, Georgia, 30023, USA. You can also reach out to the hospital if you need information about the ePayItOnline Refunds.

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