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We received a lot of queries from the people who wanted to know about the PayMyDoctor Portal. So, we decided to share more information about this portal that can help you make online medical bill payments. At present, our healthcare system has a limited billing infrastructure, which makes you stand in queues and go through the manual process of paying the bill. With the help of PayMyDoctor, you can pay the medical bills in the comfort of your home. The portal also allows you to choose between full payment or partial payment.

We have shared more information about PayMyDoctor in the sections below. So, you can go ahead and check out more details now.


Tell Me More About PayMyDoctor

Allscripts designed PayMyDoctor, and the objective of having this portal in place was to make online payments. This portal enables fast processing for the payment, making the process easy. Since you are allowed to make the payment anytime during or after the procedure, you can make the payments from the comfort of your home. Moreover, PayMyDoctor also supports multiple payments mode. So, in a way, you get rid of long queues at the hospital. This portal also saves the hospital staff’s time as they don’t have to process the bill manually. In return, the process becomes error-free, and everything is digitalized.

PayMyDoctor can be used with or without registering. However, there are additional benefits of registering on PayMyDoctor. You can register yourself on PayMyDoctor using the Client ID, Zip Code & Account Number. These details should be available on your bill statement. By enrolling, you can look at the billing history and other records.

Are There Any Additional Benefits Apart From Online Payments?

Yes, there are many benefits of using PayMyDoctor. The record is maintained properly since it is an electronic bill payment service. The benefits that you get after making the payment are

  • Download the printout of the bill
  • Enabling the auto-pay option for the account.
  • Pay online bills (in full or partial)
  • Saving the Card Details for quick payment.
  • View the payment history for up to one year.
  • Update the email ID, Password, Mobile Number, and other information.

How Can I Use This Portal – PayMyDoctor?

We will share the process of using PayMyDoctor in two steps. The first step is registering, and the second step is the payment. Check out more details below.

How to Registering on PayMyDoctor

  • To make the payment, visit the official site –
  • Click on Create an Account to move to the next page.
  • From the available options, click on the Create or Enroll an Account button. This will take you to the new page.
  • Enter all the enrollment information on this page and submit the button.
  • You will be asked to verify a code. Enter the verification code, and the registration will be complete.

Making the Payment on PayMyDoctor

  • Visit the homepage again and click on the login button to make the payment.
  • Enter your details, and you will see the bills on the dashboard.
  • Click on the bill you would like to pay and proceed with the online payment.
  • You can download the receipt once the payment has been made.
  • If you don’t remember your login credentials, you can easily reset the password.

Is It Possible To Pay Bill Without Registering?

Yes, it is possible to pay the bill without registering or logging in. To do so, you would need your bill statement and the Client ID, Account Number, and the Zip Code. You can then make the payment directly. However, please note that the billing history will not be saved if you pay the bill without registration.

We hope this information helps you use PayMyDoctor, and it makes this easy for you when you are settling the bill. Do let us know in case of any other queries.

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